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Updates to the District

February 2020

  • 57 & 59 E. Washington recently received a face lift with a new coat of paint and cleaning up the buildings. (More info to come)
  • Art In Uncommon Places looks to have finished the colorful mural they have been working on.




  • The run down building across the street from Fort Concho has been torn down and is currently fenced off. The City Cabinet Shop located behind it, is still intact and open.
  • The People and Plant Connection has moved into the Cultural District at 416 S. Oakes St. They offer gardening seminars and art classes to people of all ages.
  • Fort Concho's Barracks are getting reroofed. This is a project that will most likely take a few months.



July 2020

  • The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts purchased the historic building at 504 S. Oakes St across from their building for a "Creative Center". It will be a place for teaching the arts and craft traditions of the Concho Valley and art education programs for people of all ages.

  • Fort Concho appears to almost be done reroofing the barracks on Avenue D.
  • The Railway Museum of San Angelo has recently added a gift shop to the museum. They also have a new entrance to the building, away from the active train tracks, to help keep visitors safe.

January 2021

  • Longhorn Coffee Company has moved into the district. They are at 901 S. Oakes St. (Across the street and down a bit from the Fort) They have a retail shop and cafe inside.
  • The housing duplexes being build directly across the street from Fort Concho are making great progress. They have a few of the buildings done on the outside and have moved to finishing out the inside.

  • 57 E. Washington is now home to the roofing company Premier Re-Builders.